Giving from your IRA

Rolling over your IRA is an excellent way to donate to the important programs at Sacred Heart without having to worry about taxes or fees. These transfers can be applied toward the required minimum distribution that IRA owners over age 70½ must take each year. You may also continue to make your regular cash gifts up to the federal limit, so you can give more without paying any more in taxes. 


IRA owners age 70½ or older can directly transfer an IRA amount to charity without penalty and without paying income tax up to a value of $100,000. Couples over age 70½ with separate IRAs may transfer a combined limit of $200,000.


We encourage you to speak with your Financial Advisor. Your Financial Advisor can answer your questions about tax benefits, laws, policies, and other financial details. 


If we can be of any assistance, please contact our bookkeeper in the Parish Office at (760) 346-6502.