"St. Joseph of the Holy Family" Study Group


The Carmelites originated on Mount Carmel in Palestine as a small group of Latin hermits. Elijah was chosen as the model of the order. From the very beginning, Carmelites dedicated themselves to Mary.

We live our lives according to the Rule of St. Albert. Today, some 75,000 religious follow the Carmelite way of life. We have become a family of Priests, Nuns, Friars, Religious Sisters and Lay Men and Women who are inspired by Carmelite Spirituality, and not only carry on the traditions of the past, but reinterpret for the Church the heart, soul and mind of Carmel.

We are called to be contemplatives, absorbed in God alone, but to also serve the people. We are taught to let God be God. Modern Carmelite spirituality can help people see the need for quiet reflection and prayer, alone with God.  Yet we are challenged to stand beside the poor, the alienated and powerless people that society would prefer to forget.

To follow Traditional Carmelite Spirituality in today's world is a way of life. The wearing of the brown scapular reminds us that Mary is aligned with the anawim (pronounced ann-a-weem) the poor and powerless of Christ. It is for us to prevent injustice from grinding the poor and others into hopelessness.

Carmelites are called to build on the popular devotion to the scapular and to Our Lady of Mount Carmel by stressing Mary, the woman of the people, the woman who leads people to Jesus.

Catholics who wear the scapular (or scapular medals) simply share the Carmelites love and relationship to Mary.

Carmelite spirituality has something to say to the men and women of today, because it leads them to love and freedom, a passion for God and for life.

Open to Catholics interested in deepening their faith and being part of a Lay Religious Community.

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