Companions Visitation Ministry

The Ministry is named to honor Mary's visitation to her cousin Elizabeth…a famous visit in the Bible we hope will become the cornerstone of this outreach ministry.  The objective is to offer friendship to a senior by providing companionship.  You will be matched to a senior and we ask you to volunteer a minimum one year service of one hour a week to visit and a phone call during the week.  It is our mission to give every lonely senior a companion and visits for them to look forward to, to preserve good mental health and happiness.


Norma is an able bodied senior citizen living in an Assisted Living Facility.  She has no illnesses and is extremely intelligent and active.  However, Norma is also extremely lonely.  Her children and grandchildren rarely visit although she explains they are very busy.  The holidays have come and gone, and although the facility offers many activities, she doesn't really have anyone outside the facility visiting her.  She has no close friends.

Bud is an 80 year old gentleman confined to a wheelchair and lives at a retirement home.  His wife has passed away and he has no children.  Bud is a bright man full of stories to tell and no one to tell them to.  He really doesn't enjoy the activities at the home that are offered and prefers to stay in his room.  Bud needs a friend.

Our objective is to offer a senior citizen a friend that will come to visit them at least once a week.  Friendship can change a person's life. Good things happen when you have a friend. Friends listen. They share. Friends are the best kind of medicine for someone who's striving for good mental health. Through our volunteer program, we can offer to be a caring friend to someone. It can be as simple as going for a walk, seeing a movie if they are able, playing cards, talking about a book we've read, sharing a meal, or just picking up the phone. It can take as little as an hour a week. If the senior is mobile, we offer to take our new friend for a walk around the grounds.  Perhaps just a few minutes sitting and relaxing outdoors is something a senior has been looking forward to for a long time, but needs a companion to walk with them or push their wheel chair out to this area and enjoy it with them.  We become their family.

It is our mission to give every senior citizen in our area the chance to have their own special friend.  This is an ecumenical ministry designed to match the senior with a friend with similar interests.  We strive to make the “match” a match for a long time to come.

Please Contact: Patrick Crofoot 760-776-1000  email: