Stock Transfers and Donor Advised Funds

Stock Transfers:

If you are thinking about making a donation to Sacred Heart Church, you may want to consider making a gift of stock or mutual fund shares rather than a cash donation. For gifts of stock, if you have a stock certificate for the amount you want to donate, you can sign the back of the certificate and deliver it to the Parish Office for processing.


Donor Advised Funds:

A popular way to gift appreciated assets, such as stocks, to the Church is by using a Donor Advised Fund. These vehicles allow you to transfer appreciated stocks and other assets and enjoy a current tax deduction.

We encourage you to speak with your Financial Advisor. Your Financial Advisor can answer your questions about tax benefits, laws, policies, and other financial details.


If we can be of any assistance, please contact our bookkeeper in the Parish Office at (760) 346-6502.