Christ of the Desert, transformed from a Newman Center, started in the early 1980s by then, Father Ned Reidy, to its current Christ of the Desert Chapel. Christmas Eve 1986 was our first Mass held here at Christ of the Desert, after countless prayers, many volunteers and much challenging work amongst those early founders.


Many of our early parishioners were people in recovery for alcohol and drug addiction. CAPS, our music ministry formed and went out to 12 Step Centers and sang and gave hope to those who needed it most.


Our church is not your typical, large parish. It is small and personal.


Please join us for Mass at Christ of the Desert.  We welcome all! Remember, although we are a little less formal than your hometown church, we are no less Catholic! Once you join us for services, you become part of our family.

Parishioner Quotes

I feel very grateful to have found Christ of the Desert church. It has helped me keep my faith; it is a caring community where everyone knows your name and checks on you if they haven't seen you in a while. 25 years has gone by quickly!

-Eileen Shaughnessy


We feel the love when we come here.

-Dave and Donna Jones


We are the Catholic Church that manifest in joy and happiness.

-Father Marlin Connole


Christ of the Desert is so welcoming to everyone that it felt like HOME when I first walked into the Chapel. As Father Jack would say, "Once you're here, you're part of our family; we may be a little less formal than your Church back home but we're no less Catholic and there is no crying room, this is it!"

-Paulette Quaid


I've been a member of Christ of the Desert for over 25 years. This church is not only where we attend Mass each Sunday but also a place of worship where I have experienced great love of God and neighbor. Our spiritual director, Father Connole is not a typical priest. His sermons are an extension of a holy man who connects with each member and infuses us with a desire to know and love God more each day through knowledge of Christ's life and works. I feel my relationship with God has grown tremendously since attending.

-Cece Bogan