Usher Ministry

What is an Usher?
Jesus used his disciples as ushers when he sent them to prepare the way for his arrival and in the way they assisted the assembling crowd and directed those in need.

Today, the Ushers are the doorkeeper in the House of God and attend and guard the doors at all times during mass services.  In addition to the Parish Greeters they are one of the first persons of church authority one meets as he/she enters the church.

Although the weekly church bulletins are usually prominently displayed for taking, a recognizable Usher is usually the one person that many parishioners will direct their questions regarding bulletins, mass schedules, celebrants, collection envelopes and many other matters.

The Usher is the walking concierge of the church and is usually the presumably knowledgeable contact one may readily see. Although we have a designated “Suggestion Box” it is not unusual for an Usher to receive verbal comments or suggestions during the time preceding and immediately after the mass.  Since the Usher is perceived as an officer of the church it is only natural that the parishioners approach them.

Obligations and Duties of the Ushers
The obligations and duties of the Ushers are not only to distribute the weekly bulletins and pass the collection baskets but they also serve as greeters, public relations representatives, spiritual “Guardians of the Gates”, Eucharistic ministry workers and/ or assistants, messengers, information sources, crisis and emergency handlers, waiters, crowd and security control officers, and are an extension of the physical rules and policies established by the Parish Pastor.

Usher Teams
Each mass Usher Team should consist of at least five(5) properly uniformed ushers with badge. Ushers are to be stationed at the usual busy doorways and aisles.

Each team should have a designated leader or spokesperson so as to maintain continuity as a team unit.
All Ushers should arrive at church at least thirty (30) minutes prior to the appointed mass. This allows sufficient time to obtain badge and jacket from the sacristy and to insure the church is properly prepared for the arriving parishioners and guests.
All pews should be cleared of any debris, papers, and bulletins.  Missalettes and song books should be in their proper racks.
Collection baskets should be placed in their aisle positions.
Greeting and assistance in seating of fellow church members should be a pleasant action for all concerned.

Ushers needed at all Masses.
If you would like to be a doorkeeper in the House of God please contact, Cary Gerken 760-328-2473