Ministry to the Sick

While our infirmed and homebound parishioners cannot be one with us around the table of the Lord at our Eucharistic Liturgy, we send out Extraordinary Ministers to them so that they might share in the healing power of the Bread of Life.

Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Communion are called in a special way to minister to those of our parish community that are no longer able to come to church due to illness or are homebound.

What are the requirements?

Must be a practicing Catholic who regularly receives the Sacraments and is in good standing with the church.

Works under the direction of the "Director of Ministry to the Sick".

Must pass a background check and must meet all applicable requirements and directives of the Diocese of San Bernardino and our Bishop. Training is offered on the local level and also by the Office of Worship of our Diocese.

Please contact the Parish Office to be added to our team or to request to receive Holy Communion. 760-346-6502