Planned Giving and Major Gifts

Planned Giving:

Once one creates a will or trust with their lawyer, they often file it away and forget about it…however, there are several reasons a will should be reviewed and updated every two to five years: marriage or divorce, a child reaching adulthood, birth of child or grandchild, death of a beneficiary, increases in the value of your assets, purchase or sale of real estate, moving to a different state, the changing of laws in your state…just to name a few.

Take some time to discuss your estate plan with your adviserst.  Be sure that your will or trust is current and accurate according to your needs and wishes.  As you do, please consider a thoughtful bequest to Sacred Heart Church.  Your lawyer will require our legal name; which we can furnish as well as providing you planning your donation in a manner to best benefit the parish church or ministry, school or program that is most important to you.

With your advisors' assistance a bequest can be made in your will, trust or outright by way of: a charitable gift annuity, life insurance policy, real estate property, stocks and more. When making a major gift, we can come alongside you and your advisers to help plan your contribution in a manner that best meets your most important goals.

If you have any questions about planned giving or a major gift in which we can assist you, please contact the Parish Office at (760) 346-6502