Parochial Vicar Father Jonathan Garcia


Fr. Jonathan Garcia was born to a diverse heritage in Monterey Park, California. His mother is from Guanajuato, Mexico, while his father is from Los Angeles, California. Growing up in a multicultural household, Fr. Jonathan was exposed to various traditions, languages, and perspectives


Coming from a large family, Fr. Jonathan is one of five siblings, with two sisters and two brothers. He cherishes their bond and values family's importance in his life. Additionally, Fr. Jonathan is an uncle to five nieces and four nephews, and their presence brings him immeasurable joy


Fr. Jonathan's spiritual journey led him to pursue his vocation in the priesthood. After completing two years at Serra House in Grand Terrace, he continued his formation at Assumption Seminary in San Antonio, Texas, for a remarkable eight years. During this time, he delved deep into his studies, nurturing his faith and preparing for the responsibilities ahead


To gain practical experience, Fr. Jonathan interned at St. Peter & St. Paul in Alta Loma. This invaluable opportunity allowed him to engage with the community, offer guidance, and develop pastoral skills. Through this experience, he recognized the profound impact he could have on the lives of others and reaffirmed his commitment to serving as a spiritual guide


Fr. Jonathan Garcia is dedicated to his faith, family, and community. His multicultural background and extensive formation have shaped him into a compassionate and empathetic priest, ready to provide solace, guidance, and support to those in need. With a heart full of love and a deep-rooted devotion, he continues his sacred journey, spreading the message of hope, forgiveness, and compassion to all he encounters.


Fr Jonathan Garcia